‘Back to School’ updates!

As summer draws to an end and we all slowly get back to business, here a few updates on what we have been up to:

Come say hi and have a toast on us if you are in the 'hood, we would love to see you!


New images from Norway & Italy

I have some excting new images from Norway & Italy to share with you. Well, at least I can keep you some company during your Monday morning coffee!!

Click on the links below to be directed to the individual galleries:


PhotoNicolo_140828__NIK5526   PhotoNicolo_140907__NIK6554   PhotoNicolo_140920__NIK7261

Fine-art: New Work + Summer Updates

Back from business travels, remodel finished, I have finally been able to focus on my own work (you have no idea how good it feels). I have therefore lot's to share!



Finally got around pulling together my two key projects from last year (and an old one as well). Have a look and tell me what you think:

  • Peregrinations II: Place
    Our sense of identity is shaped by our environment. But what happens when we change our perspective? Do we start to notice global patterns? Does it help us see the universal beauty of our world? Or find our place, as individuals, or communities? I am personally always fascinated by the similarities in aerial views of nature and cities. Both of them make me feel a little insignificant. And at the same time ironically the distance helps me find myself.


  • Collaborations: Finestra Anima
    How do we define identity? Personality? Attraction? We classify people we meet on a small set of fairly universal parameters: age, gender, occupation, religion, etc. Yet true connections come from a deeper almost subliminal level, often obscured by value judgements based on the above mentioned parameters. This installation inverted the process of discovery of 'strangers' by removing all external references and indicators and only showing larger than life close-up images of eyes of a wide diversity of people. Each group of eyes is multi-faceted and backlit, confronting participants with multiple giant staring eyes in every direction, day and night.


    Art installation at 2013 Burning Man: 4 pieces, 16 pairs of eyes, retro-lit, solar powered, with individual notepads for participants comments and reactions.

  • Pilgrimages I: Spiritual Journey (2007)
    There is an image in my mind of a magical distant world, mysterious and beautiful. A place far away from what I am used to, both in space and time. I had never seen it, just a mental creation after innumerable books and movies and stories. Until last morning, when I woke up to realize that it was here, all around me, real.



  • The Fence
    I feel very honored that some of my new work was selected for The Fence exhibition in New York and Atlanta. The Fence is a 1,000 feet outdoor photographic installation that originated in Brooklyn and is now spreading throughout the US. If you happen to be in either city this summer, I highly recommend visiting this show.


  • American Photography 30
    For the 2nd year in a row, my work was selected and is featured on American Photography 30.




  • PPAC
    Peregrinations was selected for the 5th Annual Contemporary Photography Exhibition in the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. Look for the very large print!


  • San Francisco MOMA 'Artist Gallery'
    Various prints from Passages II: Rest Areas + Passages I: The Road + Peregrinations I + Losses have been selected to be part of the collection of the San Francisco MOMA artist gallery. They are now available to lease and/or to purchase.
    'Once We Were Here' has been selected for 'The Perimeter of the World' exhibition at the Rayko gallery in San Francisco. Join me for the opening on August 6 at 6-8PM.



Our studio featured on Houzz.com!



Thanks to the wonderful photographs of friend and colleague Margot Hartford (and our super-star Romeo the spolied cat!), our studio is featured this month on the popular interior design web site houzz.com

Check the photos and article here!